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D Soull


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With Pure Liquorice & CBD SPF 15

Ideal day face cream for discoloration skin. It contains active ingredients that work in concert to illuminate your skin. Gladbridin from the pure licorice extract inhibits tyrosinase activity responsible for pigmentation. Genistein derived from watercress quickly and effectively reduces discolorations and spots in deeper layers of the epidermis. Sun protection factor fights photoaging and formation of sunspots. The richness in fatty acids found in shea butter and vitamins improves skin tone and maintain its natural compactness. Vitamins A and E possess antioxidant properties to counteract the formation of free radicals. Royal jelly revitalizes, nourishes and gives deep hydration.

- HEMP EXTRACTS WITH CBD: Antioxidant, invigorating, re-densifying
- ORGANIC HEMP OIL: An emollient rich in unsaturated fatty acids able to hydrate and regulate skin, bringing the perfect balance to overly oily and dry skin. It also has anti-aging properties due to its antioxidant action.
- LIQUORICE EXTRACT: Brightening, depigmenting
- WATERCRESS, GENISTEIN: Lightens age spots
- SUN FILTERS: Protective effects from the sun
- ROYAL JELLY: Revitalizing, nourishing, moisturizing
- SHEA BUTTER: Velvety soft and smooth, restores elasticity
- Vitamin A & E: Antioxidant, anti-aging properties

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