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D Soull


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Purifying & harmonizing
This essential oil is ideal for harmonizing and rebalancing your inner self as well as improving mental health.

??- ORGANIC HEMP: Hemp seed oil comes from just the seeds of the food-grain strains of hemps plant with many health and skin benefits. Resists infection, protects brain and skin from inflammations. Reliefs stress and tension in muscles and is a natural pain reliever. It also contains vitamins, omega 3, omega 6 maintaining the right hydration of the skin and insuring an antioxidant action.
- ANICE: A powerful antibacterial and disinfectant action.
Anise contains Thymol is also used for treating cough and flu.
- D-LIMONENE: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, burns fat, reduces inflammation and kills disease-causing germs.
- FENNEL: Excellent for the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory system.
- PEPPERMINT: A refreshing and toning action, useful in case of psycho-physical fatigue
- SANDALWOOD: Harmonizes and rebalances the entire energy system with antibacterial action.

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